Medicines Are Working Well in Preventing Women Hair Fall

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Female hair loss is different from male hair loss in multiple ways. The shape of how the hair is lost is one of those basic differences. While men have a prominent horseshoe shape hair loss pattern, for women it is not even noticeable when the thinning starts. Thus, the treatment for female hair loss is also different from men.

There are many different ways of treating female hair problem. When it comes to hair replacement, men are more suitable to transplant than women. The hair loss pattern of the women is the real issue here as it is not possible to know which hair loss is permanent and which is temporary.

Among medicines, minoxidil has been used with good results. However, for women only 2% concentrations are allowed. Men, on the other hand, are allowed to take up to 5% concentration. However, if not pregnant or nursing, women can take up to 5% as well, according to some doctors.

Another popular method of combating female hair loss is using the mixture of Aldactone and cyproterone acetate. These are anti-androgens and this mean they block male hormones from accessing body parts where these hormones can easily access. It includes hair follicles as well.

Crinohermal is another popular treatment for hair fall with significantly good results. This is an estrogen solution which is applied on the scalp directly. Estradiol is an active ingredient of this formula. Estradiol prevents testosterone from becoming DHT. DHT harms hair follicles and causes them to lose strength.

Hormone replacement is often used for female hair loss treatment. Some of the typical products in this category are prostegeron creams and tablets. Estrogen creams and tablets are also used extensively. However, there are other female hair loss treatments than the ones already discussed. There is, of course, hair replacement as the last option. Female hair replacement in London is, thankfully, provided by many hair treatment agencies.

Women hair loss has not received as much attention as men hair loss has received. However, more research is being done nowadays on these. Since women have stopped hiding this problem and openly looking for solutions, there are more data for the researchers to work on. Menopause is another reason for women to lose hair. When women are approaching menopause, it is natural that they experience extensive hair fall. Thankfully, there are medicines for that purpose as well. If nothing works, there are hundreds of wigs to choose from.



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