Melody of Tunes – Singing as a profession

There is something about music that makes it touch one’s heart straight away. It makes the listener experience that sense of belonging, the feeling of losing one self to the song and the involuntary humming to the rhythmic tunes is something which almost no one can resist!

Songs have been a major form of entertainment since a long time, may it be the old folk music or EDM, singing has evolved over the years and has changed the notions of entertainment and the definition of enjoyment. One can easily find music being present everywhere, from clubs to homes. Such a massive demand for music opens up humungous amount of singing jobs in the music industry, with most of them revolving around the film industry whereas some being independent.

Singing Jobs are becoming a major attraction in entertainment industry owing to great advancements in technology which allows the singers to actually demonstrate their talent to a large number audience. The sites like YouTube and Sound Cloud are a major add on as they allow you to actually put up content on their sites and connect you with millions of people.

“Singing industry is set to see major changes and revolutions in next couple of decades” quotes an expert from the field, it has already been witnessing lots of changes in the past few decades. In 20th century, average Bollywood song was of duration between 5-6 minutes whereas now it’s just 3.42 mins. Interestingly the famous song “Ab tumhare hawale watan sathiyon” was as long as 15 mins and had to be shown in couple of instalments sung by different singers due to its length!

With the upcoming trend of rap music, it enables people to not actually wait for a singing job to land upon them, but rather it has given them the freedom to find singing opportunities on their own. With there 200+ movies being released in just Bollywood each year, and there being an average of 2-3 songs in each movie one can just imagine the potential singing jobs have.

Even after there are n number of opportunities in music industry when it comes to singing jobs, one ought not to forget the fact that the music industry has had always been one of toughest industry if one has to start because of the dominance of the pre-existing successful singers and the demand being only for the professionals from this field who have had past experience. Online platforms for talents are playing a crucial role here.

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