Modelling casting calls: A thing of past?

If there is something that the trendy youngsters of today’s generation go crazy about, it has to be modelling. Why shouldn’t they, where else in the world do you get an instant shot to the fame? Which other profession gives candidates a chance to live a glamourous and extravagant life style? Which other profession allows people to live a life surrounded by celebrities all the time? Well, modelling has been a trend setter in recent times and now it has become a proper profession rather than just a part time passion.

“What starts from a simple modelling casting call, can end up creating careers worth billions” – comments Sigrid Agren, the renowned French model who had worked with Victoria’s Secret Angels. Modelling casting calls are the first step for any amateur to the path of fame.

With the ever expanding fashion industry, the numbers of models which are entering it seem to be increasing only in foreseen future. With the entry of more and more models, the fashion world seems to be creating new jobs in huge numbers. The model coordinators, too now have flourishing business owing to the high demand. “We still depend on the traditional ways of inviting models by doing model casting calls for inviting them for the auditions” says the manager of a leading model casting agency when asked about the way they cope up with the increasing demand for models.

Model casting calls is perhaps the oldest and the most efficient way to actually invite models for the casting auditions. But with time there are new modes of inviting models for the casting auditions which are emerging, these modes aren’t just economical but can be used to contact numerous individuals at once. These modes include text applications, emails or at times even public announcements. These modes just aim at improving the number of people who can be contacted but also aim at improving the success rate of the modelling casting calls.

The modelling word seems to be very fast paced and things seem to be changing at a rapid rate. With there being high demand as well as supply of models, the agencies expect that there would be a lots of new revolutionary ways in future which would eventually lead to fading away of the culture of modelling casting calls.

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