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If you are getting started in the glamour world and looking for modelling jobs, there are some important steps you should take. It begins with understanding your expectations and the kind of work you wish to do in the industry. There are several types of modelling jobs available such as print, catalogue, runway, commercial and fashion. You should also be clear how seriously you want to pursue modelling as a career.

Modelling is a business and you manage yourself as a business manager. Like any other business, it requires commitment, time, investment and hard-work. Sometimes it takes longer than one would expect to taste success in the industry. Before starting your journey, take out some time to learn and educate yourself about the industry and kind of modelling jobs available in the market. More you learn about the modelling, more comfortable you would feel talking to people in the business and build contacts. If you don’t have any experience, consider charity fashion shows or any other opportunity of getting a feel of the professional work. You can use this work to enhance your portfolio. Start appearing in open casting calls.

There was a time when modelling agencies would be a starting point of career but now with the help of talent hiring platforms like, one can find direct access to hundreds of modelling jobs posted by agencies as well as event management companies, production houses and fashion labels. If you are getting into a contract with a modelling agency, be sure of duration, terms of payment, cancellation, exclusiveness and any hidden cost. You should sign only when you are 100% sure. Take help of a lawyer if needed. Another benefit of a modelling career is that you can always take up other related professions like acting if you have a talent and inclination for it.

Your profile speaks volumes about your professionalism so you should have a stunning portfolio with your pictures and also the videos to showcase your talent. Online platforms provide an excellent way to build and share your portfolio. It’s much easier and now becoming an industry standard to share portfolios online. All the recruiters and agencies prefer digital portfolios. Online platforms like have made it even easier to navigate a career in modelling with the help of mobile apps. These apps help you find relevant modelling jobs, manage your portfolio and even do online auditions! With the help of technology, it’s easier now to find right connections and turn your dreams into reality.

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