Mohit Kamboj – President BJYM Mumbai, Maharashtra

Hailing from the holy city Varanasi, Mohit Kamboj is a man of dreams and achievements. On 4th July 2002, Mohit Kamboj arrive Mumbai – the city of dreams. Even though he was not sure of the path to choose, he was surely determined to do something unique out of the contemporary. He realized and acknowledged his lack of patience in completing his graduation and hence, he decided to follow his heart and began to pursue his dreams.

Gradually with time, his work experience became his education and life, his teacher. After completing his diploma in diamond jewellery, Mohit Kamboj started working at a diamond export company in Andheri. Working under a boss, in a routine 9 to 5 job did not give him any job satisfaction. This kept him in discontent for quite some time. Wanting to do something of his own, he started a trading business in Zaveri Bazaar which involved immense hard work as well as a lot of travelling between Kanpur, Delhi etc.

Mohit Kamboj is the current President of BJYM Mumbai, a new wave of change is brought by the dynamism of the youth leader. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from Sydenham College, Churchgate , Mumbai. Mr. Mohit Kamboj is a man of principals and strongly believes that every human should fulfill their responsibility towards their nation and should never ignore the contribution that is required from their part. These principals had motivated him to play his roles towards the society in a perfect manner. Mr. Mohit Kamboj has now been appointed as the BJYM Mumbai President earlier he was Vice President of BJP Mumbai Wing. Mohit Kamboj has played multiple leadership including Indian Bullion and Jewellers Association President, BJP Dindoshi Ex-Candidate and active participation in social activities. As the industry got a glimpse of Mohit Kamboj’s leadership, a majority were in his favor.

He is well-known for his intellectual analysis and thought leadership on several topics including those related to fiscal issues. His thoughts and ideas influence all aspects of human endeavor.

“Change Comes With The Effort Of A Leader Who Has A Vision”. Said by the man himself. He is a man of commitment and firmly stands by it. When it comes to serving his people, he does not dither, whatever be the challenge, whatever be the time of the day or night or whosoever may be asking for his help. Mohit Kamboj is a role model for the Youth of Mumbai, guiding the light of development for the transformation of the society, A pro-people and proactive leader and does not wait to put action before demands. Also following the footsteps of “Make In India” by our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi Ji , His firm belief that unique, innovative and inspiring opportunity of “Make In India” campaign will go a long way in creating huge global and domestic market for gems and jewellery sector. He is a leader who has the vision and conviction that a dream can be achieved.He inspires the power and energy to get it done. Mohit Kamboj is a transparent leader with strong ethics and values that do not allow him to rest till he has put a cause or problem to rest.

His abilities to keep his ear to the ground and establish deep and lasting connect with party workers enabled him to hone his organizational capabilities.



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