Morning walk! what restrict us?

Morning Walk

This is known that we should go for morning walk daily, morning walk is very important for our fitness etc. etc. Most of us know that how important morning walk is for us. Still we are not able to follow it in a routine.  So why we are not able to adopt the habit we know very beneficial for our health and life. Why we just think about it and do not get it in practice? Here I am pointing some of the reason and way to overcome from these issues!

Morning Sickness
This is the most important road blocker in morning walk. Everybody think to go on morning walk while sleep in night but fails to keep that motivation in the morning. Because when you wake up in the morning laziness stops you to leave bed early and you continue to sleep till you need to wake up for your daily core. Mean you only wake up when it is must for your compulsory activities like bath, get ready, go office etc. You don’t want to wake up for a activity that is not must like morning walk :)
So how to overcome this problem? Just keep motivated and think daily about your health and benefits of morning walk. Second way is don’t go alone, motivate your spouse or your friend to go with you. You can even go with your neighbor or your siblings. This thing will work on your irregularity because there will be someone who call you in the morning or wake you up. Than you will have to leave your bed for sure because there is an external force.

Weather Conditions
Second issue which breaks our morning walk schedule is weather conditions. Rain, cold, hot or snow fall, every of these weather condition stop us to go for morning walk as usual.
Weather is not in our hand and we can not avoid it. So how to overcome these conditions? treadmills are the one way! If you can afford to have treadmill at home. if weather break your schedule you can use it to avoid breaks in your walk schedule. Another way is learn yoga and you can include yoga in practice. If sometime you are not able to go for walk, still you can do yoga to continue your fitness schedule.

Sleeping Routine
In this modern lifestyle you sleep late and awake late and this effect our early morning routine as we have to go office or on our business on time. So we have to avoid the most important thing for our fitness.
If you are in metro cities it is not easy to sleep early because there are lot of things which stop us to sleep early. TV, computer, smart phone, social media etc. We have to try to ignore using these all late night. This will benefit in both way first it will relax our mind, will get us proper sleep and also give us the time to walk.

Finally I would like to say that, for a morning walk most needed thing is motivation. You should be highly motivated towards your health care, your fitness and your look. If you care all these than you will definitely continue this schedule.”Health is wealth” is not just a saying but it is truth. Money can give you facilities and comfort but not health.  Keep walking daily, be positive and healthy!



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  1. Honey says

    Really these are the thing which stop us from morning walk. nice article!