New Policy Strongly Backs Realty Sector in Gurgaon

What realtors expect for a quick growth in the realty sector? It is nothing but a healthy policy that can further spurt the development vehicle throwing lots of opportunities for developers as well as customers. The new integrated licensing policy (NILP) introduced in Gurgaon by Haryana Government has brought smiles back on the faces of interested parties. Considering the large tracts of unused land available here, it is expected that the new policy will fuel growth in the infrastructure and that will further push the realty sector in this happening town of Gurgaon.

In the new policy a major hurdle has been removed and now it has paved the way for larger townships, which was a bit difficult earlier. Getting approval for 100 acres of continuous land was almost an arduous task. But as per the latest policy, a 25 acre cap helps to get rid of this problem. Now a developer can concentrate on a smaller area. Earlier in the past the experience of large townships hasn’t always been good. Residents have experienced with infrastructure problems after moving in.

The transferable development rights (TDR) is another gift that developers have got from the Haryana government. This allows developers to monetize their land holdings at the prevailing market price in residential sectors and even those areas that have earmarked for development works like roads, colleges, hospitals, fire station, open spaces and green belts etc.

The reduction in minimum area required for housing projects have opened a new gateway for realty developers, which is going to impact in a big way to all stockholders. Developers are constantly seeking new avenues to invest that may further attract buyers and other clients.

Buyers across the world are looking for new properties in Gurgaon. Housing for NRI in Delhi NCR hasn’t developed across all the regions the way it has developed in the millennium city and the realty players working in the area know this fact. That is why; they are constantly working on new projects that are filled with all the new styles, trending at present across the globe.

Even in this city, despite this entire buzz, new property in Gurgaon can be in demand only when it meets the aspirations of interested players. This issue has deep impact on all the projects active in the city. Go for any online search engine and type the word property for sale in Gurgaon and you will be thrown varieties of options even now but with the twist in existing policies it seems in the coming days more options will unfold for buyers.



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