Non-native TESOL teachers Are Equally Good

As English continues to remain the language of international travel, business, entertainment and communication, it is important, more than ever, to have a strong grip of this wonderful language. Many countries, especially in South America and Far East Asia, are trying to learn English because they have traditionally ignored English. English language training is either compulsory or given priority in these countries. These countries are looking for teachers who are not only expert in their linguistic skills of English but also have qualifications to work as a teacher of English. The latter is a quality which helps in delivering better lectures and impart better lessons in the classroom. We do not want to imply that teachers are worthless when they don’t have this type of degrees but surely, when these certificates or degrees accompany the teacher, he or she is bound to be a great teacher. TESOL is one such certificate which tells of the qualities of the teacher in imparting classroom lessons.

There are different TESOL and TEFL courses available in all the south Asian countries because teachers now want these certifications to prove their expertise in teaching English to the students. These certificates also provide a competitive edge which often results in better pay-scale. For example, the Thailand government needs the teachers to have TESOL certificate, along with the Bachelor’s degree. This will not only ensure better salary for the candidate but will also lessen the dependence on foreign candidates for English training. This will also improve the overall efficiency of the Thailand board of education in providing English lessons to the students.

It is also clear that the native teachers cannot keep up with the local instructions for effective teaching of English. Thus, TESOL certification in Thailand is growing in popularity among local teachers because they have the unique advantage of knowing the local language and understanding the need of the students better. Non-native speakers with TESOL certification is no less of a teacher than a native with the same qualification. The non-native teachers, on the other hand, are more effective in breaking the language barrier. There are not enough native teachers who are great in delivering bespoke lessons for Thai students. Thus, the parents should realise that the non-native teachers with TESOL certification is no less and should send their kids to these teachers for learning English. This will fetch better results from what the Thailand education system is presently receiving.



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