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With every new update in software suites, usually a technical issue emerges – this is what applies to Microsoft Outlook as well. When I happened to know Microsoft has introduced some changes in the Exchange Server 2013, I was quite convinced that new changes might have some sorts of adverse effects. Consequently, I started browsing some relevant websites so as to check if the new changes have bought in any adverse consequences.

I was right. I came across a bunch of Outlook users who had had bad experiences with the new updates in Outlook 2013. Outlook junk email filter feature was severely troubled due to new changes introduced by Microsoft. As the users found, Exchange Server was not able to filter out the junk emails, especially those that are originated from an SMTP sender. Every message is sent to the junk folder.

To get into the technical issue, I installed the new changes in my Outlook 2013 and checked if the issue really created technical inconveniences. As I discovered, the Outlook junk email filter feature was quite messed up and most of my email messages was sent to the junk folder. It was quite irritating – but I didn’t delay in approaching Outlook support helpdesk for a real time resolution. Though it was an attempt to know the exact issue, I immediately contacted the technicians for a real time resolution.

During the troubleshooting procedure, I came to know about some easy and basic workarounds. If you have been looking for some perfect resolutions to deal with the issues, then you would better try out the following workarounds. You can also go to the official page for more details at https://support.office.com/en-us/outlook.

  • You can add your contacts to the Safe Sender lists
  • Add a mail-enabled contact in Active Directory in Outlook
  • You can also disable the junk email filter in Outlook, or if you are afraid of any malicious elements, then lower the level of security against junk emails

I had implemented some additional troubleshooting procedures as well with the help of Outlook experts. I would always recommend you to go for experts’ assistance in such circumstances – get a direct access to the helpdesk through a toll-free Microsoft Outlook contact support phone number.

This is not a huge technical problem as I have experienced. You should never worry about it – simply go for an experts’ assistance for a real time workaround.

External Link: http://bit.ly/2cv0DBJ | https://goo.gl/j1zy2g



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