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Career Options You Can Choose after B. Tech

After engineering, what to do is a common question struck in the mind of an engineering student. In this guide, we will try to find the best options possible for you to choose without exceptions. In simple words, here are some of the common and well-known options after studying in top B Tech colleges in… Read More


The NPS is calculated based on responses to a single question: How likely is it that you would recommend our company/product/service to a friend or colleague? The scoring for this answer is most based on a 0 to 10 scale. The ones who respond with a score of 9 to 10 are called “Promoters”. Others who respond… Read More

Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp has been a famous goal for trekkers since the principal endeavors to the Nepalese side of Everest in 1953. To achieve this piece of the Himalaya inside a constrained time, we have conceived this 17 day trek to Everest Base Camp which runs straightforwardly to and from Lukla. The Everest Base Camp… Read More

Make Memorable Holiday on Kerala backwater tour Package

Spotted on the western shores of Southern India, Kerala is the place of charming magnificence. This enchanting state Kerala is a variety of well-off regular, ethnicity, and not too bad excellence and along these lines, Kerala is affectionately known as “God’s Own Country”. This is a delighted spot, Kerala is weaved with perfect as crisp… Read More

Trekking in Annapurna Base Camp

Incredible fun strolling to the cold bowl of Annapurna Base Camp through the lavish vegetation and socially rich Gurung towns. Annapurna Base camp trek is likely the most charming stroll into the unfathomable common amphitheater framed by the sublimely dynamite Himalayan pinnacles. The nearby perspectives of taking off snowcapped crests like Gangapurna (7454m), Annapurna 1… Read More

Areation of lawn

While we never forget to take care of watering and fertilizing needs of our lawn, we usually don’t pay much attention to the aeration needs of their lawn. plants depend on air in the soil. Even water and nutrients are absorbed better when the soil is porous. Compact soil disrupts nutrient absorption and prevents roots… Read More

How To Buy Safety Shoes Online

In work environments like industries and factories, which are more prone to accidents and injury resulting from falling or flying objects, safety shoes are very essential. They provide optimal protection owing to their thick materials and sturdy build. They can prevent against injuries resulting from sharp objects, absorption of certain elements, heavy objects that could… Read More