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Whether you are in a new relationship or you have been married for yours, a romantic surprise will always step up the intimacy and bond between you and your significant other. Many times, due to the demands of work and other things that keep us busy, we give romance the least of our attention. The common tendency is this: at the beginning of the relationship or marriage, romance is right on top of our priority list, but as the days turn to months and eventually years, romance gets pushed back to the bottom of the list.

When she least expects it, plan a romantic surprise either to impress her to spice up your relationship. It will be an event she will never forget and you will earn yourself unlimited points. If you’re willing to splurge a little to make her feel special and to make her heart flutter, you will be surprised with how she will pay you back for it. She will surely shower you with attention and pamper you endlessly in every way.

Plan a romantic surprise for her birthday, your anniversary or just because you want to make her feel loved.

Here’s an example on how you can plan a romantic surprise:

  1. Check her schedule.

Check her schedule to make sure she is available on the day of the surprise. If she’s unavailable on your ideal day or time, try to see if there’s something you can do to free her schedule. This will earn you more points for sure!

  1. Book the best limo

There is absolutely no girl who will not be impressed with a guy who drives to her door in a shiny, black limo. It is easy to find the best limo. If you live in Calgary, you can first check the Calgary limo rental prices and compare to see which limo rental company offers the best limo pricing to meet your preferences. There are definitely a lot of Calgary Limos that you can choose from! Feel free to specify what you want. Most Calgary limo rental services will go to various lengths just to provide you with the customized limo experience that you want.

  1. Give her a day or an evening fit for the movies

Plan out the itinerary for a day and an evening that will surpass her fantasies. Take her to the best places in town. After signing up for Calgary limo rental, you can take her anywhere you want. Make her eyes pop by bringing her to that posh restaurant she has always wanted to visit. Leave her breathless by taking her to the place with the best view of the city. You can also have champagne for the best limo experience!

Appear at her door with her favorite flowers, looking all dapper in a suit with your glossy limo will give her the surprise of a lifetime! It will be a great chance for you to relax together and she will love you for making an effort to prepare it for her.



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