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The trend of online escape games has picked up so much so that, it has translated into real room games played by individuals and friends, among relations and office groups across the worldwide. Online escape room games have become a good choice to kill time and also have fun and expand one’s brain activity.
The games come with clues, inconspicuous search objects and puzzles to be solved within a time frame. The point and click moments of searching for the right clue can get to be thrilling and nerve racking too. As the games are free and available in comprehensive degrees of competence scale, it is one of the best means to spend quality time. Room escape games have attracted a considerable number of players of all ages with its creative design, genius details which will definitely get players hooked to it! Most of the games will have your mind racing and your adrenaline flowing to get to the end result of victory or loss.
The point and click games an earlier version of the current escape room games as a learning activity was always fun and entertaining, especially for children. It opens up a whole world of possibilities to make learning a blast for the future generation of computer savvy children. These online, free escape games with its different genres are poised to become the dominant storytelling intermediate in the 21st century. The games are a visual treat and also evolving to provide the best inclusive entertainment away from the outdoors.
The specialty of escape games is about adventures, setting, characters and story. These games make puzzle solving awesome by teaching you a few basic mechanics and few basic game-world elements you can interact with, thus creating complexity via an arrangement of clearly marked buttons, keys and platforms. P and C are a genre that inspired a generation of gamer and game developers with a content of witty humor, mind-bending puzzles and deep stories. One thing you need most in a point & click game, and that is clear usability of items or clues as well as a game world that makes you understand how things work there. This way, the main mechanics of a point & click game is guaranteed to work well, which ultimately makes for an enjoyable game.

Although the game play mechanics in a point-and-click game may be simple, the way they are employed needs to be carefully considered. Puzzles in a point-and-click game always have a logical solution based on the information made available to the player. Although a certain level of outside-the-box thinking makes the best puzzles, anything with too much of a feeble connection makes for a frustrating point-and-click game. Top of Form

For kids the plus point in the puzzle or game usually means an engaging story.
Point and click make for simplistic game mechanics so that the player can focus more on the story. The P & C genre today has found new life. Touch screen mobile devices have played a role in this, with lightweight games optimized for small screens and short play periods everyone from the young to the older generation are taking to playing online escape games.
Christmas is also a festive time all over the world, sharing joy, friendship and relationship with near and dear ones. As with shopping, getting gifts and enjoying the festivities there is a special edition of escape games with Christmas fun and love to spend some time and play for fun. Many of the puzzles are about helping Christmas celebrations go without a hitch.
So along with Christmas festivities, enjoy online Christmas fun love games with friends and family.
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