Powerful Rules to Remember to Improve Shoe Comfort

Buying a new pair of shoes is an exciting thing to do especially for a lot of women. Compared to men, women are more obsessed on designer shoes and luxury brands that could complement their style and clothing.

There are thousand pairs of shoes that you find from different stores but the truth is, not all of them matches your choice and preference that is why for many, finding the right one for them is like a hidden treasure that should be taken home right away before someone else finds them.

Sometimes we are overwhelmed with the excitement of buying a pair of shoes without considering more important things like, how does it fit on you and its overall quality.

One of the most common repairs done by shoe professionals is misfitted shoes that cause wearers to have blisters and swollen ankle after its first use. Finding the right shoe renewal shop like Nushoe Inc. could help you resolve this issue with their range of services for ladies shoes, we offer “ replacement heel tips or flats, add protective sole guard, replace leather heel cover to name a few of them”.

But to enjoy your shoes right the first time you wear them, here are some rules to remember:


Know your Budget Limit


Always remember that not because they are on sale you need to buy them. Put a limit to the amount you are willing to spend and the odds or circumstances you are willing to embrace in exchange of a brand that you have chosen.

Some women are impulsive buyers especially when it comes to shoes and dresses. Becoming a practical buyer is not a bad idea at all because it does not only save you from overboard expenses but it will also help you save your feet from pain and discomfort due to wrong choice of shoes.

Although shoe renewal is not expensive but it cannot compensate the cost you spent just to grab a pair that does not fit you well.


Shop by Night or End of the Day


Now you must be thinking why. This is because your feet and hands tend to swell throughout the day which can make you quite surprised why the shoes you bought that you thought perfectly match your size has the different story when you worn them at your evening gala.

When shopping for your next pair, do it by the end of the day and you’ll see how more accurate you can get your feet size after a lot of moving and walking the whole day which is basically your normal daily routine that your shoes should get used to.


Test a Couple of Pairs


Before saying yes to the saleslady right in front of you, try various sizes- from the actual feet size that you know to half an inch smaller or bigger than your actual size. This way, you can have the chance to compare and select the most comfortable pair for you.

Although shoe brands follow a standard size for each of the pair that they sell, there are still brands that slightly differ from the usual.


Walk Them On


You do not only need to check its style, color and appearance from the outside but you need to walk them on as your feet could tell you exactly if they are the right pair for you.

Before buying them, make sure you have tried walking them, take a short or long walk around the boutique just to test how comfortable they can get as they stay on your feet longer. Do not also be afraid or hesitant of the real feeling you get as you walk them on, do they hurt or do you feel your toes are folded towards the edge of these shoes? These are clear signs that you might need to let go of them and move on with the next style or size.


Comfort Matters Most


You can buy shoe embellishments but you cannot buy comfort. No matter how good they look from the outside if your feet are suffering from the inside, you may not be able to flaunt them and feel good about them.

Comfort is the key to feel beautiful and enjoy your shoes to the fullest.



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