Customer service is an inevitable aspect of a company and it’s success. You may offer the best of goods and services to the customers but that’s not the only thing that matters. Despite the exceptional quality of your goods, customers may still have queries that if go unresolved may lead to customer dissatisfaction. So, you need to ensure that the customer service you offer to your customers is satisfactory. For this, you further need to make sure that that you hire the right candidates to handle your customers. Let’s have a look at the mandatory interview questions you need to ask while hiring customer service reps:

What are your qualifications?

This question to know the candidate’s academic qualifications and the qualifications regarding past experience in the customer service field. This helps in determining if the interviewee is suitable for the position for which they have applied. The candidate who outlines his/ her academic qualifications relevant to the job and also clearly points out the experience gained from past jobs is the correct choice.

What do you know about our company, product, and services?

The candidates who have applied for a job in your company are supposed to be educated about the company and the products and services that it offers. This question will enable you to know whether the interviewee is really keen to take up customer service as his/ her career or not. Moreover, it also shows how much research the candidate has done before appearing for the interview.

How will you deal with a difficult customer?

Handling the customers can be quite a tedious task. The customer service representatives may have to deal with difficult customers as well. So, asking this question will help you know whether the candidate is capable of handling an infuriated customer or not. You should consider choosing a candidate who mentions listening carefully, empathizing, and following company policy as an answer to this question.

Are you a team worker?

The work culture at a customer service center should be such that the staff members communicate customer tastes, preferences and changing trends to their colleagues and seniors so as to make improvements accordingly. The candidates who demonstrate their ability to work, under minimum supervision, within a team are the best ones to opt for.

Are you able to work under pressure?

Working as a customer service rep requires a lot of patience. Someone who answer this question in a positive manner i.e. who keep their cool and try to understand the customer, are the best choice. Candidates who describe themselves as short-tempered and overly emotional should be avoided.

How would you handle an unusual customer complaint?

You would want the candidates you hire to project such an image of your company that you want them to. Thus, you should go for the job seekers whose answers to this question resemble your ideal response.