Read These Tips Before Choosing A House On Rent In Delhi

As an outstation student you must have searched for or currently searching for an accommodation in Delhi. So have you managed to find a suitable base in the city? Apparently, there is no scarcity of rental options in Delhi but if you proceed without any plan, it can be difficult to find one.

So just to ensure that you complete your search for a house on rent in Delhi smoothly, here are a few tips. No matter how different your requirements are from others, these tips will always come handy for everyone.

  • Have A Fixed Budget
    It is quite easy to get attracted to property that is far beyond your budget. You may be amazed by its large balconies, spacious rooms, lawns, etc but if it hurts your pocket, it is not the one for you. So you must plan a budget to know how much is too much for you. This will not only keep you from renting a wrong house but also speed up the process by keeping you focused.
  • Choose The Right Location
    Location is a big deciding factor. As a student, you should always consider a place close to your institution so that you are always on time for your classes. Moreover, having a metro station in proximity is the biggest advantage you can avail as a student. It is not only an inexpensive but also a safer mode of transport, especially for girls.
  • Know Your Preference
    Before you book a house on rent, you must know what is suitable for you. Is it a PG, a hostel or a rental flat? If you hurriedly move into a PG and then realize that you could enjoy privacy more in flat, it can be a waste of money. Moreover, renting a flat can be a little more costlier than renting a PG in most cases.
  • Ask Questions
    Never hesitate to ask questions. Be it regarding the monthly bills, security, meals or any other thing. If it is a PG, you should ask about the rules and restrictions to know how far they are suitable for you.
  • Look For Security Loopholes, If Any
    At times, you may find that the door lock isn’t working properly or the eye-hole is broken. Ask the owner if he/she can get them fixed before you move in. After all, you cannot trade your safety for any luxury amenity or connectivity advantage. You should only move in when you know that you will be safe in the house.
  • Choose Your Roommate Wisely
    You may want to stay in a share room. In that case, you should talk to your prospective roommates to know if you both can go well with each other. Good compatibility between roommates can help develop a friendship of a lifetime.


Keep these simple tips handy whenever you step out for house hunt. Budget, location, type of accommodation, safety, roommate, etc. are some of the vital aspects that will influence your stay.

If you want to enjoy a brokerage-free access to your suitable rental home, go online. It is a faster, easier and inexpensive solution. For any assistance, you can also get in touch with us at Studentacco. Our online real estate portal focuses excluisively on students accommodation across Delhi and NCR.
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