Read To Know How Child Ngo in India Is Bringing Desired Changes

Even after seven decades of India’s independence the lives of vulnerable and excluded children, their families and communities remain pathetic. They have still no clue how comfortable and cosy the life could have become had they born in affluent societies. Deprived sections of the society are treated like third world citizens with little to offer them for their sustenance.

Yearning for every small thing in life becomes a normal routine for deprived sections of the society. Education, health, minimum required foods are never treated as a necessity for them. Though; most of these issues are considered as a fundamental right for the common man.

Why a sizeable section of India which is living a deplorable life is still compelled to carry the same life? Why not the affluent sections have extended their hand to bring some relief in their lives? Such issues have been discussed at several public forums but no result has come out from those intellectual discussions.

The long awaited change could be realized only through non-governmental organizations. NGOs through their volunteers have really done some commendable job in this direction. They are working on multiple issues, child rights are one of the prominent issues among them. Even in that, working on girl child development has proved to be a boon for deprived, orphan and underprivileged girls.

Discrimination against girls is an inherent part of Indian culture and tradition. Even in affluent societies, girls do fight a lot against day-to-day biasness. Social stigmas are all made to curtail the women rights only. Because of that, situation of girls in deprived sections becomes worse. With meager resources at their disposal, they force girls to get engaged in menial jobs to earn money and help their families to manage overall expenses.

To stop this unfortunate trend, NGOs are working tirelessly. They have challenged the status quo and threatened the mightier of the society not to force girl child to do the menial jobs. Child NGO in India has mushroomed all across the country. And this has brought considerable change in the scenario which has been reported some years back.

NGO working for children has cut out their tasks very diligently and they are working according to their chalked out plan only. Consistently they are joining hands with either other child care NGOs or consolidating their base by joining hands with other corporate houses to bring the desired change.

Education NGO in India is also working in this direction so that more and more girls could be sent to schools and the desired change could be introduced at the ground level.

Hope for the positive change in future!



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