Real Time Cyber Security Is a Need of the Time

Real time cyber security is certainly more than a fancy term. The process is exactly as the name suggests which means this is a protection against the malicious software (or malware) online and does so on real time. There are different ways of handling online security where real time is the most advanced because the system is always ready, irrespective of the threat.

See, the problem is not new but the magnitude of the problem is certainly bigger, much bigger than it used to be. This is because the number of computers connected on the internet has grown in numbers. With so many points of data input, it is very easy for the hackers to gain an entry.  The security of the whole system is as strong as the security of the weakest computer. Moreover, due to the cloud networking, which is still in its formative years, more and more data are going out in the internet. These entice the hackers who find newer ways to target these data.

With everything going online, especially our financial details, the need of a stronger cyber security is undeniable. One must select a cyber security which is robust, which gives the fewest numbers of false positives and the heuristic is really improved. Real time cyber security suites often come with these features. However, there is always the need of an expert who can deploy these systems most effectively and use the features to the client’s benefit. Not having an effective cyber security can be catastrophic for your organisation.



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