Refreshing your Brand Strategy

Your brand is the way you represent your company to the world. From visual elements like logo and packaging to the tone and messaging in your advertisements and website content, your brand tells your story. And if you’re like most companies, your brand is something you’re really proud of. Odds are, you spent a long time carefully developing a brand strategy that represents you as a company and speaks to your customers. Your brand strategy is something that you have invested a lot of your time, energy, and resources into.

There does come a time, however, when a brand strategy must be revisited and refreshed. Even the best, strongest brands need a bit of a face lift here and there to keep up with an evolving world and changing customer tastes.

Brand Refresh vs. Total Rebrand

If you’re feeling nervous about the idea of completely overhauling your brand strategy, don’t worry; it probably isn’t necessary. Though some companies do opt to completely rebrand themselves—changing virtually every element of their public identity—for the most part, a simple refresh of a few elements is all you need. In fact, if your business is doing fairly well, a complete rebrand could be a potential disaster. History has shown that consumers do not take too kindly to brands that completely reinvent themselves unexpectedly. But a few simple tweaks to your brand strategy to bring it more in line with the times can be the subtle change you need to keep your customers engaged and excited.


Often, when it comes time to re-evaluate your brand strategy, you will find that slight changes to messaging, or to the way your messaging is delivered, is needed. This could mean adjusting the tone that you use for your messaging to better appeal to a changing customer base, but often, you don’t even need to go that far.

The overall tone of your messaging can remain the same while you refresh other aspects of your messaging. Try launching a new ad campaign so that your customers have new content to engage with. You can also look at the way you deliver your messaging as well: trying new social media outlets or finding new and unexpected ways to advertise can go a long way in keeping your brand current while still recognizable—and brand strategy can get you there.

Visual Elements

Another way to move your brand strategy forward is to refresh certain aspects of your visual identity. Tweaking things like signage and campaign visuals can be done fairly quickly, making it easy to keep your look as current as possible. If you want to take a bolder step, you can update more permanent pieces, such as your logo. Keep in mind, though, that a complete logo overhaul isn’t always appreciated by customers. The trick is to keep it familiar and identifiable while freshening it up—perhaps change the font or the line quality while keeping all of the other elements the same. This allows you to refresh without rebranding.

Your brand strategy is the driving force behind your connection with your customers. It’s important to maintain consistency so you don’t alienate your customer base, but a little refresh can go a long way in keeping you current, relevant, and appealing to new audiences.

Author: Kelton, a market research firm in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and London provides actionable brand strategy plans with a range of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies like brand tracking, customer journey mapping, market segmentation, copy testing, omnibus surveys and many more.


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