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‘Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.’ – Rachel Zoe

Fashion over the years has had different definitions for different people, for some it has been a way to show what they are, for others it might be showing off fabrics from big brands. Even before mankind knew it, they were already obsessed with Fashion, be it the thin waist which women tried to have in 18th century or the Suited look which men have been following for formal events. Fashion has given birth to innumerable things, with “Modelling” being one of them.

Modelling as we know it, originated around 18th century when the business owners found a new way to promote their business by having attractive people (Male or Female) promote their business as they were more likely to get customer’s attention. Over the years with increase in businesses as well as increase in the competition, the people who required models came up with an idea which has been immensely successful in getting the most suitable model, the method was “Modelling Auditions”.

Modelling Audition is basically a contest between the models which is organised with a motive of getting the most suitable model for the projects. Interestingly, over the years Modelling Auditions have become a business with the emergence of companies which hold modelling auditions for the bigger businesses and projects.

Of late, Modelling Auditions have noticed the trends of scams and tricks, which start with the models being shown the dreams of a successful Glamourous Career but are later tricked or manipulated or even misguided by the promises of a good career. According to recently conducted survey, about 43% of models have been scammed, tricked or befooled in the name of Modelling Auditions and the number jumps to 67% when it comes to struggling models. It is just unbelievable that almost every second model has been scammed or tricked.

Although the number might be scary, but that hasn’t stopped people from choosing modelling as a career. A rising number of urban and small town consumers purchasing branded fashion has led to the growth of branded organized retail industry in India. With government allowing up to 100 percent foreign investment in single brand retail, many foreign labels are eyeing an entry into this lucrative market.

Assocham’s Secretary General, D S Rawat, commented: “The luxury market is poised to expand three fold in next three years and the number of millionaires expected to multiply three times in another five years.”

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