Band is a group of people playing various music instruments. Band members have accurate  co-ordination with each other. In every band having a guitarist, a drummer and a singer is mandatory.  Every Music band has their story hidden and struggling life. Every Band is unique in their own way, as they believe in uniqueness and creativity. Playing music instruments or singing randomly always creates a best bond among the band members. Being in a band is an excellent creative outlet which takes dedication, patience and a surprising amount of people skills but can reap a huge host of rewards. Fame and fortune may be possible but in the beginning let’s focus on making some great friends and having fun. Doing small concerts in the beginning will make them understand the choice of audience.

It’s important to have a decent and unique idea of what you want to play before you start off. The out of box idea like keeping one or two genres in mind, a rock band with a folk influence or a funk band with piano will definitely attract people. Sticking with a specific musical idea is a much faster way of trying to write than jamming for hours and hoping something comes of it. Most of the Music bands note down their own song and gives the music. Music Band is not all about singing and playing any music instruments, but it’s about the proper knowledge about music, creativity in music and coordination among members. Band always need a jamming room where band members can rehearse. Each talented member of the band is specialized in their own music instruments. Participation in band avails the musician to the infinite journey of creative expression connecting to a language (music) that is understood, communicated, and appreciated by all of mankind around the globe. More importantly, MUSIC IS A SHELTER EVERYONE.

Today’s digital generation has so much of opportunities to give auditions online for show up talents. Like music bands others talents like actors, singer, dancers can also try various opportunities like Acting Auditions, singing auditions, dance auditions to get a job opportunity.

There is no dictator, but someone has to take the role of manager, conductor and negotiator. Just to ask and value every member’s opinion before making a decision and remember that without them there is no band.

When band members get back together, spend a little time on covers to warm up, and then ask someone to throw out an idea. Band member keeps their music genre simple. They get one song down with a short intro, first verse, chorus, second verse, final chorus and end together. And like this Band make the albums of songs.



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