Rotatrim Cutting Mats – Explore Some Great Features

When it comes to rotatrim cutting mats, these are indeed perfect for offices, studios, drafting rooms, workshops and darkrooms. In order to cut extra dense and thick materials, the industrial strength of the said equipment is equally at home cutting thin films and also tissue paper. Using such equipment is in trend nowadays and it in fact became necessary for various official works.

Finding rotatrim cutting mats is an easy job as it is widely available in the market so you can choose the perfect one meeting your needs and expectations. It is, meanwhile, highly important to choose the best and trustworthy brand supplying such equipment and engaged in catering to the needs of a large number of people.

Ark Presentation and Supplies Ltd is a leading supplier of rotatrim cutting mats and the related products and satisfying the needs of a large number of people who are highly anxious to purchase such items. Located in China, Ark Presentation and Supplies Ltd in fact emerged as a leading supplier of such products and engaged in serve a large number of customers worldwide. It lets you buy the top-quality rotatrim cutting mats blessed with the following features.

  • Manufactured and designed for heavy-duty volume for those materials that are up to 15″ thick.
  • It is long lasting and self-sharpening tungsten steel cutting wheel.
  • It is blessed with fully cast metal end supports and also cutting head
  • It has also a chromed steel guide bar, 1.5″ square
  • It also comes with aluminium clamping bar with the feature of automatic release
  • It includes 3 pressure roller and also rugged gripper for a completely secure clamping
  • It also includes 11″ wide extruded aluminium baseboard
  • It also has several cuts in both directions
  • Its factory side rule generally ensures an approximate 90 – degree cuts
  • You should also pull your handle mounts to the top of your cutting head.

Founded in 1999, Ark Presentation and Supplies is a family operated business venture satisfying the needs of its every customer and gives them an excellent opportunity to buy modern products blessed with the robust features. You can of course expect warranty from the company, no matter which products you are anxious to buy. The company provides full warranty on rotatrim cutting mats against faulty workmanship and also various important materials for at least 5 years. However, the guarantee part generally doesn’t include clamp strips, cutting blades or other plastic and rubber parts that are subject to normal wear and tear.



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