Sari: Resemblance of Indian femininity

Sari is undoubtedly one of the most sensual attires for an Indian woman. Sari, a long un-stitched piece of cloth, is usually 6 yards long and is draped in a set pattern which accentuates the curve of a woman. The way of draping a sari differs from place to place. For instance, it differs slightly in north India than in south India. Indian designer lehenga sarees online   is available in a plenty of designs, fabrics and colors. The sari is usually worn with a blouse that covers the upper part of the body and underneath it is petticoat which supports to tuck in the pleating of the sari to help it hold in place.

Sari has a very rich history. The history and origin of sari date back to the period of establishment of civilization. Evidence advises that women in the Indus civilization used to cover themselves with a long piece of cloth, which was draped like a trouser.

A statue recovered from the Indus Valley Civilization depicts a female priest wearing a cloth piece draped like a sari. Back then sari used to be draped in such a way so that it divides the two legs and forms a trouser like attire.

Today’s world is seeing a change in the variety of sarees also. In Indian saree store saree is now available in so many variations and fabric that it is hard to pick often. There are theme sarees available which are set on a specific theme like garba, wedding etc. Sari, nowadays, comes in so many fabrics and combinations of fabric that one can’t even imagine. From Crepe to Georgette, from net to shiffon to uduppa, the sari has its pleats and pallu flowing in every way.

Sarees and other women’s ethnic wear India reflect our diverse regional cultures influenced by Aryans, Moghuls, Dravidians and Britishers and therefore, a sari is the most famous dress in different festivals in several manners. The time of various cultural festivals like Diwali, Pongal, Onam, Durga Puja and the wedding season from January to May are the peak seasons for saree.

Saree covers up many flaws of the body and matches very well with traditional or modern jewellery for an ethnic or a modern look. As a result, one can simply feel more confident and assured whilst wearing a saree. In other words, the mere concept of changing into something more comfortable and beautiful in a simple way has made Indian women very much inclined towards wearing a saree. Another fascinating point of recent times is that a traditional design was chosen from popular Indian “Paithani Saree” is designed on the tails of British Airways Aircraft which fly to across 175 destinations of 85 countries in the world.

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