Satellite Internet in Africa opens Doors to the World for the African Continent

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Africa, the second largest continent of the world, which first pulsated with life many millennia back, is rapidly gaining ground in the world of digital and cyber ingenuity and Satellite Internet in Africa

is thus gaining a stronghold. It is an age of cutting-edge technology, know-how, or expertise. Africa is not much behind the time. Many countries of this continent try best to emulate the top-notch countries of the world as far as technological advancements are concerned.

Joseph Conrad, a famous writer in English, once wrote a novella, known as, ‘Heart of Darkness’. The entire African continent is described as being dark and the setting of the work, that is, the Congo River basin, is the innermost region of it. But today’s Africa is not that of the twentieth century. In the twenty first century, a revolution has occurred in the field of information technology.

VSAT in Africa (Very Small Aperture Terminal) is the latest quintessentially clinching evidence of the advancement of the so-called ‘dark’ continent in the field of technological progress. Africa is grabbing the global spotlight in the demesne of information and online networking. VSAT is a device in which a dish antenna is used. It is a wireless technology which enables any internet users to harness the facility at any time in any place. Africa is a vast continent of remote locales or areas. They are almost unbridgeable as far as the setting up of communication is concerned. The VSAT service in Africa will definitely bridge this communication gap.

Satellite Internet in Africa is represented by VSAT. It harnesses the satellite connectivity to provide the networking services to the people at large. Right to information is one of the human rights. The violation of this right is a sure sign of cultural debacle as far as morality and ethics are concerned. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, is of the opinion that the internet services should be cheap and available to the masses. Nowadays, internet plays a crucial role to educate people, build up nation-wide campaigns, and promote ethical values cutting through the barriers of time, place, geography, politics, and society. Internet is also widely used as a tool of communication. This VSAT service in Africa, therefore, will bring about a cultural, political, and social revolution that upholds the dignity of the entire continent.

VSAT in Africa is an instance of the upgraded satellite internet. It doesn’t require any cable connection. Thus, it is a high-speed networking service which is almost error-free. The satellite internet in Africa is, therefore, capable of bringing a sea change in the socio-cultural sphere of this continent. People of Africa must get access to internet, and it is only feasible through VSAT services



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