Save the girl Child!!

Gender discrimination is a worldwide phenomenon. Women across the world have faced hardships and fought tooth and nail for their survival at every step in their lives. The situation gets worse in developing countries where the level of education and awareness is quite low.

The story of India is not different at all. The perennial discrimination existing in the Indian society has skewed the sex ratio so adversely that government agencies have to intervene at various stages to spread mass messages highlighting the importance of women education and empowerment.

Women discrimination and gender brassiness have pushed women as a marginalized community facing multiple violence and hardships. From domestic violence to commercial sexual exploitation everything makes their lives worse as they are supposed to follow inhuman social traditions also like early marriages, premature pregnancy and female mutilation etc.

The general perception is people love to have a “mother”, “wife” and “sister” but they abhor having a daughter. And this feeling is not confined to any undeveloped region of the country. Even developed states have several stories stuck to them that mock their development theory where a girl child is still looked upon with contempt.

Non-government organizations (NGOs) focused on child rights and girl child education are working tirelessly to improve the current situation. They are trying to spread the message of gender equality with complete women empowerment that ensures a safe and sound future for the girl child.

Statistics back the fact that says a society prospers when women living there enjoy a healthy, educated and free life. When women are educated, the family and society in turn gets educated. Leading organizations working in social sectors tirelessly run campaigns to draw attention towards investing and donating for girl child educations.

Looking at the current situation, it can be safely presumed that strong and healthy women are the biggest hope for the girl child. Society must create an environment where women can progress without any hurdles. Once the number of assertive women increases, the prospects of girl child will improve automatically.

See how many female role models India has. From Indra Nooyi to Saina Nehwal, the total number of women achievers can easily be counted on fingertips. The number of successful females actually shows the real image of the society which needs to be changed.

NGOs working for girl child and girl child education are real strengths and the strongest hope to change the present situation of female genders. Let’s hope the initiatives taken as of now will bring considerable change.



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