Self-publish a book to become first time author

Publishing a book is such an intricate process that not many think about getting a book published. Despite this it can’t be avoided as it is the only means to reach to masses. This is the only source through which you can become an author and get an image of your own. It is a necessary evil in book publishing world.

After knowing the process of book publishing, it can be safely presumed that writing is quite a lesser hurdle in the process of becoming an author. In spite of knowing this, all budding authors dream to cross this hurdle and become an author.

People write just to vent out their feelings and emotions. They write to express their thoughts. Poems, stories, biographies, auto-biographies, people write numerous things to share their experiences with the external world. To express their thoughts, people do write blogs and diaries.

Getting published in India is comparatively easier now than what was possible few years back. Self-publishing books is a new trend that is getting momentum and it is encouraging first time authors to get benefitted from this process and get listed into the top notch authors who are reaping huge profits in this online marketing era.

People can fulfill their desire of getting published either by contacting a publishing company or by approaching an agent who has expertise in facilitating a publishing platform for the aspiring authors. For them self-publishing a book is also an ideal option. It is time taking and quite strenuous but it offers the satisfaction of publishing a book that you have dreamt of.

But the basic question arises here: how to self-publish a book? To do this you need to keep in mind five essential elements, which are: Avoiding poor writing quality, giving your book a wonderful structure, maintaining consistency in the storyline is must to make it best seller, establishing wonderful appearance & layout and chalking out an effective marketing and promotion plan.

If you have followed all the necessary elements of self-publishing a book, no one can stop you from becoming a celebrated author.


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