Self-Publishing: A ray of hope for the budding authors

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When Shivangi Sharma scored more than 94% in her board examination, it was amply clear that she has thoroughly read all her subjects and she has exceptional command over language subjects as well.  Since childhood she has a strong passion for literature and to satiate her hunger she has been reading a lot of books of world renowned authors.

Meanwhile Shivangi developed a story telling habit and started writing small captivating stories. Gradually a writer started taking shape in her personality. Her short, mesmerizing narrations have become famous among her friends, colleagues and teachers. Shivangi is a well-read writer among all her classmates but her real ambition lies somewhere else. She aspires to be a doctor and serve the society. She wants to bring smile on the faces of millions of unhealthy and poor people.

Like Shivangi some of her friends are preparing for medicine but they don’t aspire to be a doctor. Their real ambition lies somewhere else. They want to nurse their writing ambition and if possible they would prefer to become well-renowned authors. Rohit Suri, Shivangi’s best friend has already started searching for a publisher. Rohit has awesome command over English language. He is equally well in prose and poems. He has two manuscripts ready with him. Now, he just wishes to get a publisher, which can trust his talent and offer him a platform to publish his book.

Currently there are several companies that promote first time authors. They are popularly known as self-publishing companies. There are endless companies engaged in this business. Even Rohit was advised to get the list of companies engaged in the self-publishing business. Some of them have really revolutionized this business by creating wonderful writers.

Rohit has succeeded in convincing a leading self-publishing company zorbabooks, to publish his book. Rohit has already contacted a reputed editor to edit his write-ups. He knows some top-class proof-readers as well. Once this process ends, he will have a well-kit manuscript with him, which if published in a book form may generate millions of readers. Let him follow other steps very carefully once his book comes out in the market, it would a big break for him as a writer. Congratulations Rohit! Wish you good luck!



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