Self-service vending technology: Global market to rise at quick rate

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The advent of latest technologies has immensely affected the living patterns of individuals and masses across the world. The introduction of more gadgets has given birth to millions of consumers who are living a life on wheel. They are always mobile and they need to shop almost 24×7 to fulfill their needs. Several retail stores have been trying their best to fulfill this need.

In fact the major contribution has been made by the online stores which promise to deliver products of high quality in quick time as per the convenience of consumers. Self-service technologies are a major breakthrough to capture this segment of the market. This has completely revolutionized the process of customer interaction and has eased the procedure of optimum customer service. The automated technology driven machines are influencing consumer’s needs and encouraging them to spend more.

Automated-teller machines (ATM), self-service vending machines and interactive kiosks are leading this segment from the front and successfully fulfilling the everyday needs of consumers. Several consumers’ goods and service sector industries such as banking, healthcare, retail, food and beverages are aggressively using the self-service technology and offering benefits to consumers in many ways.

To offer faster and seamless performance, these self-service machines have turned out to be one stop solution as they offer products without any manual interference and thereby they reduce the chances of any sort of human error. Self-service technologies are providing more fulfilling and offer convenient services to the customers.

Self-service vending technology segment alone accounted for more than 58% of the global self-service technology market in 2014. This is enough to indicate that vending machine business has expanded thoroughly all over the globe and it is so well-spread that consumers are gradually getting a habit of it. In the coming five years it is expected that this segment will grow at 8.29% and if that happens, the future of self-service technology based business sounds very attractive.

Beverage vending machine, candy vending machine, snack vending machine, gumball vending machine, cigarette vending machine and specialized vending machine are some of the most common vending machines being frequently used all across the world.

If you want to lead this industry, analyze the trends and remain ahead of time. The future is very promising!



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