Shoes are an Important Fashion Accessory

One of the distinguishing factors that separates human from other animals clothing and attire. We are the only species that cover up our bodies with dresses and other items. In the beginning, they were meant for protection from the elements of nature, but later they became a part of culture and more importantly fashion objects. Shoes are also an integral part of our attire. And like any other part of our attire, modern shoes are designed not only for comfort and protection, but they are also considered as marks of style and class. Shoes are an important fashion accessory and the right pair of shoes can make a man stand out on any occasion. It’s even maintained that shoes are the most important part of a man’s wardrobe, and you can easily know a man from the type of shoes that he wears. Shoes are made from a variety of materials and they are available in lots of different designs and looks meant for different occasions or purposes. Here is a look at some of the most popular shoes of the day:

Cowboy boots:  these boots come with a high fancy top usually with stitching. They were originally worn by cowboys during the days of the Wild West. Cowboy boots come with Cuban heels to prevent the foot- slipping from the stirrups while riding. The cowboy boot is considered as a mark of casual ruggedness and individualism.

Ankle boots:  Ankle boots are some of the most versatile types of shoes and they go with almost any kind of look.  They are the only type of fashion boots that are sported by both men and women. First fashioned for women in 1804, Ankle boots became popular in the nineteenth century. They are characteristically worn as a fashion shoe underneath of pants, but they can also be worn with countless other outfits and styles.

Moccasins: These types of shoes are traditional Native-American footwear. They are also popular as excellent house shoes. Moccasins keep warm in the winters and they can be slipped on and off very easily. Moccasins are also kept at homes for guests to slip on after they have removed their own shoes at the front door and this is meant to keep the house clean and also provide comfort to the guests at the same time.

Sandals: The Men’s Sandal is perfect as a casual summer wear and they come in many forms such as with straps or with thong. They are ideal as comfort wear for leisure activities such as spending time at the beach or a walk in the countryside.

Leather Laced or Heavy Sole boots: These types of shoes are hugely popular among the younger generation. There are a number of brands catering to this niche market and Dr. Martens and Sketchers are the two most well-known brands among them.



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