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Simple Tips to Consider in Photographing Family Portrait Incredibly

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In these fast moving times, we sometimes forget some of the important moments or events in our lives especially the moments with our family. Parents seems to be busy to give their children a better future; children grow so fast that’s why parents love to take pictures of their children. That’s why, it is important to capture those memorable moments today. Photographing family portrait, give you the chance to appreciate how your family works in order to carry out your personalities and individual behaviors. As a photographer, it’s our duty to give our client a photo to be treasured for a long time – a timeless piece.

Family photo

Below are the few simple tips to help you create an amazing family portrait:


Perceive their family dynamic by having direct interactions with them. Are the children naughty or bashful? Are the parents friendly or unfavorable? Are they organized? These things are very important to observe in having a family photography session with your client.

If the children are shy to pose, you should make them feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. Teach them how to pose confidently and get them to be naughty and play with each other so you can capture the best poses of them. Use those “poses” as warm up for the children feel like they can be themselves, even don’t end up using those photographs.

You can also use this run-through with the parents to make them naturally affectionate and relaxed with each other.


Always keep your attention to ensure the parents are not trying to interfere the children in doing poses. Though, you get a nice poses and smile from the children, it’s always common that kids’ parents are concurrently checking on the kids. Comfort the kids’ parents that you’re looking their children, and that they don’t have to concern.


Keep your props cool and something out of ordinary to give your client an incredibly unique photograph and family portrait. There are lots of simple methods to make your family photography session cool and remarkable without having a party for the boys of the family you’re photographing.

It depends on the family, however stick to the props and backdrops which are suitable for both men and women. Another tip for choosing the right props is that, try to be more neutral with pattern and colors so it won’t mismatch with the outfits. Like for an example, you have two choices of coverings or comforters. If the all the family members are wearing yellow, perhaps you will choose the other color of blanket you brought.


Everyone express or shows their best if they feel comfortable and natural. That is the reason why, for photographing family portraits, it’s not easy to shot photograph everyone right at that moment. To resolve this kind of trouble; pose the family in a natural pose or composition, and let them stay in that pose for a bit. Have a talk or chat with them while still in one pose, thus they start to feel comfortable and be with themselves again.

Then, step back for a short moment, take some chatting break while the family is in the same position. This actually gives you room for you to get the best shot. You will surely love that photos because everyone looks for more natural and comfortable.

Though, family photography session might be exciting, but that’s half the fun when doing it. Families are the perfect to be captured by our cameras. Capturing every family members in their natural beauty and genuine smiles, is really a great opportunity.



I’m Stewart. I’m a photographer living in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. I am a fan of photography, travel, and entrepreneurship. I’m also interested in design. You can visit my website anytime.

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