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Many of you must be surprised to know that the virtual desktops are now added as a built-in feature in new and updated version of Windows 10. Linux or Mac users will agree to the fact that the option can be of great use while you try working on various other desktops or multiple views of your PC screen just by using your home or work PC. Leaving apart everything, one of the biggest uses of this feature is that it helps you organized, streamline, and manage huge number of applications that are opened at your end. If you also wish to use the feature in Windows 10 device, then follow the tips mentioned below:

Steps for Using Virtual Desktops in Windows 10

• Firstly, you’ll require locating the ‘Task View’ option, on the Taskbar of your PC

• Click the “Task View” button to launch the Task View interface

• The interface can assist in providing a glimpse of all your currently opened windows on virtual desktops

• You’ll see the “Add a desktop” button, if you don’t have any window opened at your end or is using Task View interface for the first time

• Click the “Add a desktop” button to add another virtual desktop.

• Clicking the “Task View” button will present all your desktops on the Task View interface.

• If you have program open on your desktops, they will appear as the thumbnails of the desktops.

• Move your mouse over a desktop can help you get the bigger thumbnails of the open programs on that desktop

• You can click on any one of the large thumbnails to activate the program on the bigger screen.

• Later, click anywhere on the desktop to make that desktop active

• Pressing the ‘Windows key + Tab’ keys together can help you switch between the desktops using the keyboard.

• If you have the thumbnail of the current program active, then press ‘Tab’ to remove the outline from the active program thumbnail.

• You can also make use of the arrow keys to move amongst the items available on the desktops

• Once you’ve highlighted the desktop that you desire to switch to, then press Enter to view the larger thumbnail.

• Click the “Task View” button to launch the Task View interface, if you desire to close a desktop.

• Move your mouse over the desired thumbnail you want to close, and then click the ‘X’ button located at the upper-right corner of the thumbnail.



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