Six Centuries of Pear Shaped Diamonds

Pear cut is one of the most popular diamond cuts in the present world. It is extensively used for engagement rings and is often called a teardrop cut diamond. The cut was originally done by the famous diamond cutter and polisher Louis Van Berquem. The cut was created very early in the history of diamond, near 1450. It actually revolutionized the use of diamond for jewelry purposes. Using a diamond polishing wheel which he invented, Louis Van Berquem made it easy to polish and cut the diamond, allowing widespread use of the stone in the jewelry industry. For this reason, Louis Van Berquem is considered to be the most influential person in the diamond industry. We will discuss about the cut he invented, pear shaped diamond and why the length to width ratio of the diamond is so important for this cut.

The solitaire cut is the most popular form of the pear shaped diamond. It is the most commonly available form of pear diamonds as well. It was first designed by Tiffany in the early 1900s. The solitaire pear diamond has a very unique design which allows the light to travel from end to end and gives the diamond an unusual sparkle.

The facet is the plane of a diamond which has been craved during the diamond cutting process, in order to get the desired shaped of the diamond. The facet is a smooth and flat surface which allows light to enter the diamond and also bring the refractive properties of the diamond. An adept diamond cutter can cut facets which would allow more lights to enter the stone and bedazzle the spectator. Pear shaped diamonds are also known as half oval or half marquise because one side of the pear diamond is oval shaped or marquise shaped. The other side is gradually tapered into a pointed edge. This particular cut has exactly 56 facets, 33 on the crown side and 23 on the pavilion side of the stone. The ideal length to width ratio is 1.5 but the variation can be from 1.25 to 1.75. The ratio of pear cut diamond is important as the overall brightness of the stone depends on that.

Pear cut diamonds are a symbol of love and thus, they are predominantly used in engagement rings. In 1477, Mary of Burgundy was given the first pear shaped engagement ring and this tradition has been going on for centuries now.



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