Sleeping Woe Is Far From You With Ayurvedic Herb, Ashvagandha

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In this present world, new types of diseases are born daily. Various medical tables also get manufactured parallel for each cause but no one can trust these tablets as they come to market only with a purpose of satisfying the economic needs rather than a safe cure. Taking this into consideration, most of the people rely on Ayurveda; the great medical technique passed on from God’s to humans which are the reason why tourists throngs to Kerala in search of Ayurvedic Treatment In Kerala. One of the most concern of middle-aged people is insomnia, the state of non-sleep and a recent study suggested that this woe can be cured by ayurvedic herb, ashwagandha. This ancient herb can promote sound sleep. Kerala is famous for its ayurvedic expertise and many ayurvedic resorts like Aura Spa provide spa treatment and various massages for good health also it is obvious that after the implementation of this magic herb visitors flow into this place. Since we know that use of natural products and implementation will be effective as well as free from any side-effects. Kerala will provide the best treatment and for the convenience of people, these centres are located at any tourist destinations like Munnar.

  • Causes of insomnia
  • Use of psychoactive drugs.
  • Prolonged physical exercise commonly seen in athletes.
  • Mental issues like stress, fear, work tension.
  • Poor sleep hygiene.
  • previous thoracic surgery.
  • Disturbances of circadian rhythm due to jet lag or work pressure.
  • Side effects of insomnia treatment using sleeping pills
  • Dizziness can occur
  • Change in Appetite
  • Dry mouth and throat
  • Daytime drowsiness

When you start taking pills slowly you tend to take higher doses as your body gets tolerance which will give nasty results. Also, people who take these pills used to be day drowsy as some of the contents may remain inside them. Cancer and death will be at your doorsteps immediately if you don’t stop using these pills.

  • Ashvagandha, the ayurvedic herb

Insomnia effects are severe as one may remain to awaken during nights and will have increased daytime sleepiness, low energy, fatigue etc which can indirectly lead to vehicle accidents. To cope up this disease is important as it is extremely dangerous to take sleeping pills all the time. ‘Ashvagandha’  literally meaning, the smell of a horse is used to gain horse-like strength. It has been used for the treatment of stress, anxiety, depression for long but its recent potential will help a lot of people who are battling sleeping woes.


  • Research

A team of researchers from the University of Tsukuba in Japan has come up with this exciting discovery. They found an active component in Ashwagandha leaves (Withania Somnifera) called triethyl glycol. This amazing component can induce sleep thus will transform the realm of natural plant-based therapies for insomnia and disorders related to sleep. Their study involved the test of each component in Ashwagandha leaves and record the electroencephalogram and electromyography in a mouse. Out of their excitement, they found that a water-based extract of triethyl glycol resulted in an increased non-rapid eye movement to sleep. Thus they concluded that this substance has the ability to strengthen physiological sound sleep.


Apart from having medical benefits that offering from  the best Ayurveda Centres in Kerala these herbs also provide beauty benefits. For a glowing, this can be used as a toner applied with lemon and ginger. Thus this herb also called as winter cherry can fight one of the most common neuropsychiatric disorders of the world, insomnia. Out of the population, 10-15 percent is in the clutches of this nasty disease and this recent discovery is a welcome relief for all.



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