Standing Desk Best Practices

Being immobile for long periods of time can cause pain, discomfort, and complications in the long run. If you have a desk job, you may have noticed that you spend hours sitting daily, too focused on your work to notice time passing. Sitting all day will cause a significant amount of damage to your body. Organ damage, brain damage, posture problems and muscle degeneration are all problems caused by sitting for prolong periods. But what can you do if it is part of your job? Looking into standing desks is one of the best solutions for your problem.

Although standing desks seem innovative, they have been around for a long time. Thomas Jefferson and Winston Churchill worked at standing desks daily. Most companies which make the wellness of their employees a priority have now resorted to standing desks as part of their office furniture. Employees have the choice of working standing up or sitting down depending on their personal preference. Most employees looking for a healthier lifestyle, however, have opted for standing desks instead of sitting down all day. Even though standing desks are the healthier alternative, it is recommended to take sitting breaks every hour or so to relax leg muscles.

How to get a standing desk at work?

You have decided to make yet another healthy change to your lifestyle, but how do you introduce the standing desk to your daily life at work? It is important to speak with your colleagues to explain the benefits since the more people requesting the change in the office, the more likely it is to happen. Furthermore, researching the type of standing desk you want is important before speaking to your office manager or supervisor since they will want to know all the details including the price.

One of the recommended desks for such a transition is the electric adjustable desk. Electric adjustable height desks can be adjusted to anyone’s height and are a great wait to alternate between sitting down and standing up at any point during the day. This desk is a great way to start your standing desk journey without the pressure of eliminating sitting completely. If you feel like you need to sit down for a specific task, you can do that with the push of a button. With that said, standing desks have been proven to improve physical healthy, mental health and productivity at work!



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