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Have you ever tried to know how electricity is generated? How fuels like diesel, natural gas, or coal are central to power generation? How one form of energy gets converted to the other and finally into electrical energy? The answer is turbines.

Majority of power we consume is produced using turbines that are installed in large power plants. The foremost job of these turbines is to convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy.

In a country like India where power shortage is a regular chore, fuels like coal, oil or natural gas are burned to run turbines. These fuels are burned to produce steam which is then passed through the turbine blades or rotors in power plants that revolve approximately at 3,000 to 3,600 times per minute to generate mechanical energy.

These revolving turbines are connected to a metal shaft in a generator that turns a large magnet surrounded by coils of copper wire. It is the motion of spinning magnet that results into a powerful magnetic field around the coils. The magnetic field lines up the electrons in the copper coils and sets them into motion. This movement of electrons through a wire is called electricity.

The turbines can also be run using nuclear energy, water, solar power, wind power, and agricultural waste products. These turbines, with capacities ranging from 100 to 1,100 megawatts (MW) can generate power for a large factory or even a whole city.

As energy is very much critical to the healthy socio-economic development of any nation, it is to be noted that there must be adequate power generation to meet the power consumption needs of the country.

Not only public energy corporations but some private companies also generate power of their own to meet their power consumption needs. These companies generally consult a high pressure steam turbines manufacturer in the region and discuss their power needs. Basis the analysis and approved capacity, turbines are installed.

Over the years, turbines have been playing a crucial role in driving India towards a bright and delightful future. From powering homes to massive manufacturing facilities to lighting up airports, these machines have remarkably changed our lives to great extent.

There are both gas and steam turbines that provide power plants they need most – easy to run operations and fuel flexibility. There are various steam turbine manufacturers in the industry that provide turbines that delivers world-class efficiency and output along with a high power density advantage to drive additional value for the customers.



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