TEFL Opens New Doors of Opportunities

After completing the graduate course, a TEFL certificate will enable any candidate to teach English abroad. In most of the countries, there are plenty TEFL teaching jobs. Students are learning English as a second language in many Asian and Latin American countries. Thus, there is a vast number of vacancies in these countries, like Thailand. Asia is, overall, the largest market of TEFL teachers. Surprisingly, even in countries where English is the major language, there is a need of TEFL or TESOL certified teachers. This is due to the immigrants to these countries. For example, USA has a lot of Mexican immigrants while England has Polish people coming in every year. Due to the wide use ability pattern of English, there are so many different TEFL jobs available today, worldwide. If anyone is TEFL certified, a job is always available in the same country or abroad.

There should be some areas which need elaborate introduction, regarding TEFL jobs and teaching English abroad. Thankfully, the course itself provides the basic challenges and the ways to overcome those. Then, during the job guidance or job orientation program, the employers take care of this aspect as well. Interview techniques and resume writing are also taught in these courses. There are mock interviews as well which teach different interview questions and their ideal answers. Advantages and disadvantages of working in different countries are discussed in details as well, including salary, employment benefits and working environment. These courses also update you about the employer’s expectations from you and what you can expect from your employer. The course also discusses the most important of all points, how to get a great job abroad, for example, TEFL jobs in Thailand.

One can start the basic research about TEFL and teaching English abroad using the internet. There are so many different job sites, forums, TEFL job listings and directories which has huge number of jobs posted from all over the world. You can search for particular location as well, directly in the search bar of your browser and you will receive hundreds of results. There are many popular forums as well, where you can manually search for these jobs. You will find that most of these forums concentrate on English jobs abroad because the major chunk of candidates prefer that. You can also check the local newspapers which carry many such job advertisements in the vacancy column.



UniTEFL is Thailand’s most premier source for accredited TEFL certifications online as we have helped hundreds of students to pass the certification and obtain high paying jobs abroad. If you want to make a career in teaching English, you will get ESL teaching jobs after getting the TEFL certification and UniTEFL will help you in every step of this journey.

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