The driving force of ERP software in India

ERP, also called as Enterprise Resource Planning, is software used in business process management to supervise integrated applications. This software solution is used by both small scale and large scale enterprises to customize and analyse the data.

ERP boost for the gems & jewellery industry

ERP for jewellery business is an On-Premise integrated and On-Cloud based integrated solution acting as a great help for jewellery business. It has become handy by incorporating various aspects of jewellery business management. ERP software can be used to integrate different stages of business in a cost-efficient and effective manner. Be it jewellery manufacturers in India, retailers or wholesalers, with ERP software, they all can get an easy one step solution for handling of accounts, logistics management, and keeping a track of the sale. Not only it helps in keeping a track of the material in the inventory state, but also correctively manages the finances more competently in the long run.

Trending ERPs in India

Wearable Technologies, Internet of Things and Big Data are the top trending ERPs in India. Wearable Technologies are slowly emerging in business sectors with a promising future. Many jewellery manufacturers are willing to give an affirmation to the new innovative Wearable Technologies, as the scopes are definitely higher.

Another new concept called Internet of Things or simply IoT is encouraging a vital change in the future of ERP, especially in the gems & jewellery sector. It assures advancement for more growth and inventions and helping in saving time and resources. The impact that IoT promises will help jewellery manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and traders to increase its output by reducing costs.

The Big Data is to assist a right balance between data collection and enterprise applications. It helps in developing a new skeleton to improve the performance of an enterprise. It also guides through large volumes of data.

From vendor management to inventory management, work order management, financial management and customer relationship management, ERP software is a boon for the gems & jewellery industry that is firmly moving towards technological advancement.


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