The Ear Wax: How To Remove It?

Earwax is a natural secretion of the ear which, for various reasons, can accumulate and constitute a plug completely obstructing the external auditory canal. A decrease in hearing is then felt and extraction of this clump is essential. But thankfully there are many facilities for ear cleaning clinic.

How is it formed?

The wax flows naturally from the ear canal. On the other hand, some people develop ear wax plugs for various reasons:

  • The use of cotton swabs (Q-tips) to clean the ears;
  • The presence of hairs in the ear canal;
  • An external auditory canal too narrow;
  • The wearing of hearing aids or ear plugs,

In the elderly because the wax becomes drier and therefore more difficult to expel from the canal, etc.

Signs and symptoms

The presence of wax plug may be present with or without symptoms. Possible symptoms may include: ear feeling clogged or pressure in the ears; Irritation and / or itching; Pain and / or discomfort; Ringing and tinnitus; Dizziness and balance disorders; Partial or total hearing loss. These symptoms can be amplified by airplane.

What are the ways to clean it?

In a personal way, it is possible to use, in the absence of contraindication (perforation of the eardrum), products to soften the stopper. They are either oily substances or aqueous substances. The installation of these products once or twice a day for a few days, followed by washing with lukewarm water at low pressure (shower jet, small washing bulb) can allow the evacuation of the deposit. In case of failure, for fear of the gesture or in case of contraindication, intervention of the general practitioner or ENT specialist is necessary.

But our advice would be if you need ear cleaning in London, go for professional help. The general practitioner will most often use an enema, a sort of rubber bulb serving as a manual pump to project water into the ear canal at a good temperature (neither too cold nor too hot because in such cases, vertigo may appear). The water sent into the duct under controlled pressure comes to stop on the stopper to disintegrate it and with the natural obstacle that constitutes the tympanum, the water-wax mixture is pushed towards the outside. The ENT specialist has several cleaning solutions. The same washing as before, but generally with an electrical appliance ensuring perfect temperature and water flow for a fast and effective action. An ablation of this Cap can also be made, under visual control, with different instruments: micro-hook, micro-clamp, vacuum cleaner.



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