The most extravagant attractions of Dubai

The stratospheric rise of Dubai has indeed become head-spinning for several global tourists who consistently visit this city to preserve some unforgettable moments and memories in their lives. When several cities across the world have been progressing at snails’ pace, this Asian city got transformed from a desert city to mega-metropolis compelling millions of enthusiasts to must see all its attractions.

Backed by immense eye catching architecture and mega malls, the city has registered more than 5.5 million tourists in the first half of 2015. The figure, released by Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), has increased 11.1 per cent from that of last year. From Burj Khalifa to Dubai Mall, the construction and completion of each and every tourist attractions have its own interesting story, which ravishes the visitors.

Take for example the Dubai Mall, it has recorded more number of visitors last year than New York City. A home of more than 1,200 retail stores, the other attractions of this entertainment complex are an Aquarium, an underwater zoo and an ice skating ring of Olymipic proportions. The official plan to expand this mall further has already been approved.

Burj Khalifa has become almost synonymous with Dubai. The world’s tallest man made structure is a captivating sight to behold for visitors. Standing at 828 metres height, the beauty and majesty of this iconic structure can never be understoold in only one visit. The more you reach here, the more you get curious to visit here again.

Palm Jumeirah in Dubai is known as an impossible island. Despite being a man-made structure its palm shape looks so amazing that naysayers still doubt its existence. It is one of the largest artificial islands of the world that truly narrates the triumph of human imagination and intellect.

Sky-high towers might have become the image which glorifies the commercial interests of Dubai but the heart of this city lies in The Creek, the place where the Bani Yas tribe settled in the 19th century. The twisted tower, indoor ski park, the Dubai Eye, the world’s tallest hotel, Dubai miracle garden, Taj Arabia and so on, the list of Dubai’s attractions are almost endless. Dubai visa services encourage tourists across the world to make a trip to this city to experience all the outrageous attractions in a hassle free manner.

Even the documentation for UAE family visa is not so complicated that your family can’t get through it easily. Dubai with less paper work approach emerged as the most happening place in all the leading cities of the world. If you want to experience it on your own, fly to this dream land.



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