The Perfect Audition – Do’s and Don’ts

If you want to turn your passion for acting in an actual career then acting auditions are the first step towards your success. Although many people have made this procedure sound like a fee-faw-fum, but it is not that bad of an experience to face if one is fully prepared.

To face the acting auditions with full confidence and without fear, here are some tips that can help you win casting director’s approval once you give your perfect shot.

First things first, choose your script according to your personality that showcase your talent. If you get a script then rehearse it well, else prepare it by yourself. Just remember, acting auditions have limited time so your script should not exceed the time limit.

If you are getting a script for the acting auditions, then practice it well. Do research on that script and spend some time to think about your character. Though, you might be allowed to carry your script while giving an audition, it would be better if you are well versed with the script and memorize it thoroughly to avoid stumbling over the lines.

Do not wait until the night before the audition to practice your script. If you are expected to do a monologue, choose the one that plays to your strengths and brings out your personality. Practice your script and learn the lines of the character you will be portraying.

Before going for acting auditions, just double-check with all the requirements that are needed. Prepare your resume and get a hard copy of it as the casting director might ask for it. Be it location, time, dress code or script, get all the details in advance.

One of the benefits of giving acting auditions is that you may learn time management skills. If you really want to make an impact on casting director’s mind, be punctual and reach before time. Reaching at least 15 minutes before the given time can help you in creating a positive image for yourself.

Once you have reached the venue for the audition, just be normal even if you have that queasy feeling just relax, it is normal. Try to rehearse your script one more time. Avoid having conversation with the casting crew or other people gathered there for the auditions.

While going for an audition, be confident. Your tense looks may not impress the casting director so you have to show your confidence. Don’t look down at the floor as this might make you look nervous, instead communicate with the casting director by making an eye contact.

When the casting director asks you to start your audition, just be focused. Take a deep breath and give your best shot. While delivering the dialogues or enacting the script, live the character for that moment. Relating yourself with the given character will help you in giving the best audition and your confidence will make a good impact on casting director’s mind.

While delivering your speech, you might forget your lines or you will stop in between. It is normal so don’t panic at the moment and politely ask the casting agent if you can start again. If that is not possible, take a pause and skip to the next lines of the script that you remember. You should know that the quality of a good actor is to cover mistakes without letting the other person to even notice.

After giving the audition, be calm and patient. Do not try to over analyse things as no one can read a casting agent’s mind. You should be determined and focused on your presentation. Don’t ask so many questions to the casting director related to your audition as this may irritate him.

At the end, if you don’t get any response from the production houses, don’t worry just relax because they might not be looking for someone who looks like you, or acts like you. Just look out for more opportunities as you may find many acting auditions to showcase your talent and you will definitely land yourself in the best place.

To boost your confidence level and to give your best shot every time you go for an audition, just congratulate yourself after every audition, no matter you get successful or not, this trick will help you in preparing for the next audition.

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