The Secret of Self Branding

Unlike bigger corporations, small and freelancing businesses often don’t realize the significance of successful branding. There is infinite number of freelancers in the world trying to carve their niche, what makes people notice and remember you? The answer undoubtedly lies in branding.

In order to achieve a higher profile as a freelancing business, it is pertinent to create a memorable brand for your business. In this particular article, we will look at some of the key branding secrets to help your business get noticed, and, thereby, more clients.

1. Logo

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, and rightfully so. A suitable logo is profoundly significant for your brand. A powerful and impactful logo design is imperative to create a lasting impression of your designing business. It is the logo that will help you stay unique in front of your competitors. In your logo, you need to present a very distinct personality of your business and you.  Make sure that you, a business owner, should have all creative control when it comes to brand design including the designing of the logo. All of your other brand communication tactics should compliment your logo.

2. Business card

Another effective tool for self branding is done through business card. A business card is very much like a mini version of your company’s resume, which can be very well shared (without any hesitation) to all potential clients at any given point of time. A business card when designed creatively and strategically creates a powerful impact on the receiver. It speaks in volumes about your business and the kind of work your firm does.

Ideally, a business card should include the company’s logo, slogan and website address. Do not even think of cutting corners. It is these small things that really matter.

3. Simple and error-free website

We live in times when curiosity can be sufficed at the touch of a fingertip, and, therefore, be prepared to have visitors even with the littlest of interest in your business are likely to come and visit your website. These people will either use their phones, tablets, or desktops to visit your company’s website. So, firstly, make sure that your website is clearly visible on all of these machines. Secondly, the content on your website should be easy to comprehend, and, lastly, the showcase of your work should be updated. Besides, have a logo to catch the attention of the visitors. Also, the font size and colors should be all in sync with the brand’s personality.

There are several templates available online from which you can choose for your company’s website. Most of these templates are cross-device and cross-browser responsive, which means you then just need to copy and paste the images and content on the given templates.

4. Your About Page information is crucial

One of the biggest mistakes that many, if not all, freelances make is to ignore the ‘About Page’ on the website. On this particular page you should choose to narrate a story about your brand and yourself. Who are you, what type of work you do, and what is your unique selling proposition? Of course, it is not advisable to flatter yourself incorrigibly without any balance. You need to reinforce your brand at the same time also show the clients how you can help them solve their problems. ‘About Page’ is the second most visited page after the ‘Home Page’, don’t take it for granted.

5. Have a Blog

This is another peculiar way for self branding which works. A blog is a wonderful opportunity for your business to connect with the outside world. It gives you a platform to create effective content that assists in reinforcing the brand. Just be sure that you constantly add and share relevant content on the blog.

Final words

The power of personal branding is remarkable. Your potential and existing clients should be able to feel strongly about your brand, and, conspicuously, one of the best ways to do so is through personal branding.  Predominantly, your branding elements should all congruent flawlessly, and your storytelling and story listening skills should be unprecedented when it comes to personal branding.



Henry Yates is a web designer with the deep knowledge of technologies used on web. While away from the tech stuff He likes to take break and do some Meditation to keep himself calm.

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