The Vending Machine Business goes High Tech

Till date you must have seen vending machines with push buttons. But the way several gazettes got modified in the last one decade, your favorite vending machine is going to wear an altogether a different look exhibiting sleek and sophistication. Yes. As reports suggest, the future vending machine will come with touchscreens. If that happens, the machine will complete a long historic journey from 215BC, when it was invented, and is in use since then.

The sight of vending machines installed at schools, colleges and other commercial establishments are quite common. These machines have been known as an important tool of automatic retail business. But, the popularity of vending machines as an instrument of automatic retail business is yet to gain momentum, as it is confined to metros only.

These facts clearly indicate that vending machine is a part of such unattended retail industry, which can really influence the situation of Indian economy and pump in more growth and prosperity. Vending machines are commonly perceived as an instrument to provide instant tea, coffee, soda, soft drinks and other beverages.

Interestingly this machine was invented in 215BC by a Greek mathematician, which was initially used as a machine to dispense holy water! When it was modified for commercial purposes, the machine was used as a coin operated tool and it sold postcards. When this machine reached to New York, gum was sold through it. Since then varieties of things have started selling through these machines.

A leading company in the vending machine manufacturing business proclaimed that the future of the vending machine will be based on biometric system. These machines will recognize customers through their fingerprints. The way touchscreen mobiles have revolutionized the communication world similarly a touchscreen vending machine will pull in millions of customers to automatic retail industry, making this machine a significant instrument of the retail business.

According to reliable sources, coffee vending machine manufacturers are also working to accommodate this new concept. After the touch screen stage retinal scans of the customers could be next stage in the vending machine business. Even tea vending machine manufacturers need to take this development quite seriously. More automation in vending machines is expected to push the vending machine business.

These machines will be produced with Ethernet connections, which will help owners to recognize when the machine is required to be re-stocked. These machines will report all kind of errors in real time and that will help the owner to run his business hassle free. Considering all the benefits, it proves to be a very essential instrument that can benefit all the concerned parties.


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