The world of casting and its secrets

A blockbuster is made of a great story and the acting artists bring the character alive with their power-packed performances. These performances make or break a movie. We know that it takes a lot of time and hard work to make a feature-length movie but all this efforts will be futile if the actors don’t do justice with their characters. It’s the responsibility of the ‘casting director’ to select right people for the movie as per the script demands. Thus the casting directors play a key role in the success of a movie project.Earlier, only directors and producers used to decide the cast of a movie, however later, things started to change when some small budget movies did exceptionally well at the box-office because of their perfect story-line and talented star cast. That was a period of change for Indian film industry and it opened up to the newcomers and gave boost to the concept of casting.

Unlike other professionals like singers, choreographers, directors and cinematographers, the work profile of casting agents is not much highlighted. So, many question arises like, how do these casting agents work? How do they select an artist for a particular role?

Although, the work of casting agents might sound mysterious to some people, but they are also the part of the pre-production team which plays a crucial role in the movie making process.

The role of a casting agent comes into picture as soon as the director completes the script. The production houses or studios hire the casting agents to select the artists according to each role. After scanning different profiles, it’s the responsibility of a casting director to conduct auditions and screen tests and forward the shortlisted profiles to the director. In this way, casting agents work like a bridge between the artists and the directors.

However, many believe that one cannot approach the casting director easily, which is not true at all. Casting agents are easily approachable because getting a new artist every day is their need too. Just like any aspiring artist needs a casting director to start his/her career, same way casting agents need fresh faces each day because they work on so many projects at one time.

To work as a professional casting agent, you need a lot of exposure and experience. Having knowledge of literature and characterization plays a significant role in the casting process. It will help you in knowing the depth of the role. Also, a bit of acting skills would be helpful to realize the significance of the character.

As casting plays a huge role in the success of a movie, many production houses and directors prefer an experienced person for the casting role. A person who has knowledge of characterization. But, if you do not have any related experience then also you can give a kick-start to your career by assisting a casting agent or by doing an internship.

Another important factor that plays a crucial role in casting is networking. Making good contacts with the industry people and socializing with them can help you in getting the best offers. Also, networking can help you in finding the prospective artist easily.

As we know, the job of casting agents is time-consuming and it is not an easy task. They have to scroll down through countless portfolios to find the perfect talent. So before making a final decision, the casting agents review each profile and select the talent according to their knowledge of characterization and years of experience.

The profile of an artist plays a crucial role in his/her selection. So, the artists who are willing to work in this industry should send their complete profiles to the casting directors by filling the basic information and experience.

In casting, the initial level of selection process is stressful and complicated as casting agents have to go through each profile and shortlist the talents as per the demand of the script and according to the experience of an artist. So, if you do not get the opportunity in your first attempt, do not feel dejected as every role is not suitable for every person. Have faith in your talent and try your best to achieve success.

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