Things to remember while buying online

E commerce market is growing in India very rapidly. Still people hesitate to buy online due to various reasons like fear of fraud, product features and look, fake representation of products online etc. Fear is correct but there are lot of benefits of buying online also like cheap and best prices, good return policies, delivery at your doorstep and selection from a variety of options. So be careful while buying but do not hesitate to buy online if you find a good product with good price.


Here I am writing some tips to buy online with minimum risks –

  • Select Product- Selection process is most important while shopping online. selection is little tough when you have lot of online shops and lot of variety of every product. In selection process you have to consider two thing – Where to shop and what to shop. What to buy is totally depend on your choice and requirement. Study your requirement carefully and select product accordingly. don’t go with the rush of others or just only trends but stick to your requirement first than look for trends. Where to shop is depend on few factors like reliability, timely delivery, refund policy, product range, prices etc. Don’t go only with cheap prices but judge all the factors and than choose best shop.
  • Compare Prices and Features – Once you selected product to buy, you need to select model or brand. For this compare its features and prices with other models and other brands. There are lot of directory and search sites where you can compare features and prices of product. Go through there and you can have a quick look of all the models together with there features and prices.
  • Branded Items – If you are shopping online as per my suggestion take priority of branded item and than secondly consider locals. Why? Because branded items have there standards in manufacturing and creation and it minimize the risks of fraud about product. Second thing is prices, branded items have prices which is common across the shops websites and portals. But this have a side effect also and that is branded products are very costly. So consider your pocket and budget also.
  • Size chart – If you are buying clothes or shoes than size is a most important factor. You know the size of your things? right! but things are not as smooth, every brand and every manufacturer have its own standard in sizing. So how will you tackle with this issue? Generally portals have size chart for different products. Check that chart carefully as per your physique and than only select the size.
  • Better if cash on delivery- As per my view if you are not handy with payment online and feel insecure as you do not know security factors online that check cash on delivery feature. This feature allow us buying online and pay when you get delivery. This is a feature most of the online portals providing.  So if you are more comfortable than use this feature.
  • Secure online payment – If you are going for an online transaction check “https:” in url as https provide security  in transaction. You should not do online transaction on “http” url.
  • Return and refund policies – Please check the site return and refund policy carefully because there may be defect in the product or the issue of size may be. In case you have to return it. But some companies not provide refund guarantee or  they do not refund whole amount. So this need to consider to0.
  • Reviews – You also need to go through the previous buyers review on the site. People generally give review about the item, about delivery and about the seller. So read all the review carefully. Some site hire paid employee for writing review so be careful about that. If we see carefully you can identify a genuine review and a paid review.

So these are the few tips to take into consideration if you are starting your online shopping.

Happy Shopping! Good Luck :)




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