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Marble has been long used on kitchen and bathroom flooring’s, in decorating terrace supporting pillars and in commercial buildings. But, at present, things and taste of people are changing; it has also become very popular for table tops as well. That’s why furniture stores in London deal in these elegantly designed tables in order to enhance the beauty of each and every room of your house.

The marble top dining tables are usually made from a slab of marble which later get affixed on top of most metal, wooden and even stone base. Since only one slab is needed to make these graceful marble tables, counter tops, these tops shape can be customized according to individual preference. Available in many colors like marble’s natural, neutral color or the stylish black and blue to blend with any dining room.

The normal question which usually occurs in mind, is that just to have dinner, why to buy some sophisticated marble dining piece?

Here’s why

Marble dining table London have natural beauty; that is why they are great in the dining area. Not only they are elegant but they never go out of style because of their contemporary look. Another benefit for marble dining room tables is that they are very durable.

In order to maintain the best condition of marble dining tables, you have to get it sealed first especially if it is of porous type. Sealing will prevent staining of the table though it will not prevent scratches. It is also necessary to seal the marble once in a year. If the table gets dirty, you must wipe the dirt right away. It is also important to use a coaster for any types of drinks to prevent formation of rings. It is also advisable to use placemat when serving foods. This will prevent foods to get into the table and it is also much easier to clean.

Tough oil stain can be removed by acetone on marble dining table. Car polish works best as stain remover on these kinds of furniture. Napkin or a paper towel in approximately 20 percent of hydrogen peroxide with 2 to 3 drops of ammonia into it, works best to remove tea, coffee or soda stains.


Furniture stores, London online/offline keep offering discounts and announcing sales from time to time every day to provide people with these beautiful and elegant tables. One can buy round marble table for just sitting and relaxing in courtyard or exquisite rectangular table for a polished look of dining room.



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