Tips to get extra income – for an IT professional

Are you an IT professional working full time in any IT company? You are in trouble due to loan EMI and inflation. Your salary is not fulfilling your routine expenses and loan EMI of your housing or car loan?  Are you looking for some extra income other than your regular salary to fulfill your dreams? If answer is yes than continue reading. I am giving here some tips to go for this extra earning.

Before going forward I want to let you know that if you want extra earning than you have to do some extra work, some extra efforts. You must cut the time from your relaxation, from the time you devote to your family or friends. You have to take extra pain than your 8 hours job.

So here are the tips I can describe. These could fit person to person, so select your choice carefully.

Freelance work – First step you can take is doing some freelance work from you home in your free time. This seems an easy option but it is not. Most tough thing in it is to find work from market. You are experienced in your company but when you come into this world than you are a fresher and nobody believing you at start. So keep patience and keep trying or get some work from your contacts.

Professional Training – You are expert in your subject and you have good knowledge of the technology you are working on? Right! So why don’t you use these technical expertise to provide some professional training to the professional who are eager to learn those skills. You can provide this training own your own or you can join any professional training institute to provide training. They will give you per batch based money or per student based. But for this you should have expertise theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Because in IT field everyone wants a trainer who have working experience not just subjective knowledge.

Product design and sell – One more tough thing is have an innovative idea design some product in your technology and try to sell it. This is most difficult thing as no one willing to buy a product from an individual if it is already in the market. So your product should be unique and very useful than only it could give you good cost. If you are a software developer than you can create a app or a website even you can make a game.

Write article or blogs – If you are good in technology and also good in writing your knowledge or ideas. You have good command on language than you can also earn by writing blogs for blog sites or even you can create your own blog and keep writing. If blog get popular than, you can show advertisements on it. Advertisements could be from google or any other provider.


I am a Microsoft certifies software professional working exclusively in web application development. I have started for informative articles and blog. I am learning writing as I like to read and write. Love to write on any subject of my knowledge when free.

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