To Bestow Good Health to Your Child, Plan Well the Vaccination Schedule

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Good health is the best gift that you can offer to your child. Children are always prone to infections. Because of low immunity, they are always prone to get infected by viruses. Consequently, children’s health needs to be cared with utmost attention and this requires proper child immunization schedule. It is necessary to prepare child immunization date-sheet that can be easily remembered and that promises child’s good health as well.

To protect your child’s health you need to know which the essential vaccines are and which can be harmful for your kid. You must know how to differentiate between myth and facts, so that the health of your child can be safeguarded from all the possible attacks of viruses. There are several inputs which offer wonderful overview of all the aspects of vaccines available currently in the market.

You aren’t required to be caught by the vaccine madness. The approach you follow might be entirely different from that of the government agencies. For the sake of your child’s health, it is better to be different from the established norms. “One-size-fits-all” is a dangerous approach, which will never offer you a good result as far your child’s health is concerned. Even vaccination is not free from side-effects.

Twelve vaccines are prescribed to the children before they reach the age of two. Children are injected against several diseases including: Hepatitis B, Diphtheria, Tetanus (lockjaw), Pertussis (whooping cough), polio, Pneumococcal infections, Hemophilus, influenza type b infection, Measles, Mumps, Rubella (German measles), Chickenpox and Influenza (the flu).

Public health department hasn’t proved it till date that these many vaccines are essential and they provide good health to the children. Almost five decades ago, immunization schedule was comprised of only four vaccines (for diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis and smallpox).

Despite several scaring advertorials it is strongly recommended that never let the priority of immunization press you in the panic mode. Even if you immunize your child as per schedule and keep him under the constant vigil of your pediatrician, the doctor can’t guarantee that your child will never get infected with viruses.

You might have immunized your child against cholera but despite this he may get infected by it and even in that situation you will be forced to take him to a doctor. Indian health system has progressed a lot in the last several years and child mortality rate has also gone down but this doesn’t guarantee that symptoms of cholera won’t surface again. Prevention is better than cure. Follow child immunization schedule, but don’t ignore day-to-day care.



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