Top 3 Corporate Cyber Security Threats You Must Focus On

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Managing corporate cyber security threats is a difficult task, but things may become easier when you know the threats that may impact the security and privacy of your IT infrastructure. Since the ever-growing cyber-crimes are making millions of users feel scared about the security of their data files stored online, most of the IT experts deploy various strategies to keep business and enterprise data secured from preying eyes. Read below to know about top 3 cyber security threats that you must consider while framing your IT security policy:

1. Mobile Payment Hacks

Since technology is experiencing a boon, most of the businesses and firms are relying on online payment options to keep their business transactions fair and transparent. Options like Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and other mobile payment systems are the prime target of malware authors. Stealing financial information, consumer details, and transaction history are some of the common fields that most of the hackers focus on.

2. Open-Source Vulnerabilities are the Most Dangerous Ones

Starting from Heart bleed to heartache, each of such applications target creaky Internet infrastructure and end up stealing information from sources that doesn’t have their security certificates updated. One of the common loopholes in the category is the old and broken JavaScript versions that can assist malware authors to capture user details and steal their online information with great ease.

3. Pop-Up and Phishing Scams

Last but not the least, pop-ups and online scams can steal away data from business networks, security systems, and can cause major issues with IT security and privacy policies by violating the same to an unbearable extent.



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