Top 5 Electronics companies in India

In India, a number of global brands feature among the top companies supplying electronics goods in the country. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that Indian companies are out of the league and they do not feature in the top categories. The competition is a mix of both global and Indian brands. Here is list of the major electronics companies in India.

1) Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL)

Bharat Electronics Limited or BEL established in 1954 is a leading electronics company in India. The company belongs to the public sector and its corporate office is located in the city of Bangalore, Karnataka.  The company also supplies TV Transmitters for Doordarshan and Frigate Radars for the Indian Navy. In 1997, a Joint Venture Company with M/s GE, USA, was formed under the banner of GE BEL. BEL was conferred the prestigious Navratna status based on its consistent performance in June 2007. The company has recorded a turnover of Rs.6,174.23 crores during 2013-14.

2) Onida

The Brand Trust Report 2013 India study ranks Onida as the 51st  most trusted brands in the country and subsequently in the year 2014, it was ranked 27th. Onida was established in 1981and it is a part of Mirc Electronics . The company provides a wide range of electronic goods which include LCD TVs, Plasma TVs, DVD and Home theater systems, Air conditioners and washing machines.The company  is also popular for its advertising campaign which features has the captivating taglines- ‘Neighbour’s envy. Owner’s pride.’

Onida also boasts of world class manufacturing facilities at Wada (Maharashtra) and Roorkee (Uttrakhand) with a capacity of over 3.4 Million Televisions and 2.4 lakhs Washing Machines respectively.


3) Videocon

A familiar name and one of the most popular electronics company in India, Videocon deals in TVs, washing machines, Refrigerator, mobile and Air conditioners among others. Established in the year 1979, Videocon Corporate office is located in Gurgaon, India.  The Videocon Group took over the Philips color TV plant and three other plants of Electrolux India in the Year 2005. Videocon has now become has a conglomerate with annual revenues of over US$4.8 billion.

4) British Physical Laboratories Group (BPL)

BPL or British Physical Laboratories Group is an Indian electronics company which was founded in the year 1963. It was initially founded as a health care equipment manufacturer. After 1982, the company expanded its product range to include color televisions, video cassette recorders, refrigerators and batteries among other consumer electrical equipment. BPL is headquartered at Bangalore, Karnataka.


5) Samtel Group

Samtel is a pioneer electronics company in India which was established  in the year 1973. The company is headquartered in Delhi and it was the first company to manufacture Color TV monitors in the country. Samtel is considered to be the largest producer of TV tube, display monitors and components. The company formed Samtel Electron Devices GmbH  in the year 2001 through the strategic acquisition of Thales, Germany.In 2006, Samtel formed a joint venture with Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) to form Samtel HAL Display Systems Limited.


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