Top Loading Washing Machines and Front Loading Washing Machines

The Washing Machine is one of the most common items in households all over the world. The machine minimizes manual labour while doing laundry. Washing machinesare of two major types-the Front Loading Washing Machines and Top Loading Washing Machine.If you are thinking of buying  a new washing machine, an important decision will be figuring out which configuration will best meet your  needs: a front-loading washing machine or  a traditional top-loading machine. There are major differences between the two different types of washing machines.

In the top loading washing machine, the basket is placed in vertical position, while the basket  is front- placed in a horizontal direction in the front loading washing machine. The basket of the front loading washing machine featurepaddles on the side which helpto move the clothes and stir water while the basket rotates. The dirt from the clothes are removed due to the friction created by the paddles.

In the top loading washing machine, there is an agitator placed on the vertical axis in the center of the basket. The agitator swirls of clothes in an alternate circular direction and the ridges on it makes the clothes to swirl along with the agitator. The alternate movement  of the agitator creates friction which removes the dirt from clothes. In brief, the agitator in top-loading machines grabs and thrashes the clothes, where in front-loading paddles the clothes are gently picked up and dropped into soapy water. The absence of agitator in front-loading machines  keeps fabrics from being stretched and also provides a gentle wash.

The front-loading machines also has more  place for clothes than top-loading because of the absence of an agitator in the center. This means that people can wash more clothes in one round with a front loading machine than with a top loading machine. But it should also be noted that the kind of laundry detergent in a top-loader is limited depending on the manufacturer while  people can use any kind of laundry detergent in a top-loading machine.

Another major  advantage of the top loading machine is the reliance on gravity to contain the water and it renders the machine more safe from spilling than potentially trouble-prone front door seals. Top loading machines also  require less periodic maintenance, since there is no need to clean the door seals or bellows, although the plastic tub in it still requires a periodic “maintenance wash” cycle.  In some top-loading machines,fresh laundry can also be added to the wash after the cycle has started and the wash cycles are much shorter than front-loaders. While the front loading machines come with more extra features, the prices of top loading washing machines are much less. So if you are not quite fussy about new features and do not feel the need to fine tune every wash setting, then a traditional top-loader is the best bet for you.


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