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Delivering IT support Telford is a tiring process, but what if you get access to some of the quick tips that can help you perform all the repairs and troubleshooting with minimal efforts? Yes, you’ve read it right. Most of the IT technicians and remote tech support agents often search the web to find solutions to some basic tech issues that are quite easy and simple to fix. If you’ve recently joined a tech support firm or desire to groom yourself in the same domain, then read the article and get a hold on some of the tricks, shortcuts, alternative menus, and other such quick cheats that every tech geek must know:

1. Enable Quick Edit Mode

To do the same, right-click the title-bar, and then click Properties. Click to check mark the ‘Quick Edit Mode’ and it will get enabled. Using this trick you can easily copy and paste content in your Command Prompt. All you need to do is to simply drag your mouse to highlight text copy or paste it anywhere in the Command Prompt.

2. Adjust Your Screen Buffer Size

If you think that scrolling too much eats yup your valuable time during the troubleshooting sessions, then switch to the ‘Layout’ tab and adjust the settings to at least ‘3000’ for having more lines of scroll-back.

3. Press ‘Win + R’ for Run

Instead of going to Start > Search > type “run” and hitting Enter, you can simply launch the ‘Run’ dialog by pressing ‘Win +R’ keys together. Since you will require launching ‘Run’ dialog for opening various utilities and applications, using this shortcut while providing IT Support Telford can help you save your valuable time and can assist in closing the troubleshooting the sessions at a faster pace.

4. Press ‘Win +N’ on OneNote

If you’re OneNote’s fan and use this utility for remembering almost everything that is quite important but may get skipped from your mind, then this shortcut will be of great help for you. Pressing ‘Win + N’ keys together can quickly and easily send pages to OneNote. Additionally, the shortcut also helps in launching OneNote’s screen clipping tool to help you make quick adjustments in the notes that will get saved on the system.

5. Use System Restore to Recover From Uncertain Hangs or Crashes

If you encounter an uncertain system hang or crash while delivering IT support Telford, then one of the best possible solutions to fix the same could be setting your system back into an earlier working state by using the Window’s System Restore feature. You can also set your PC into a working state using this feature in case an app install or update goes wrong and your desire to revert the changes you’ve made to the current PC.



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